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I don't wake up to impress you.
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        What day is it? WE DON'T KNOW!

        Damn. Has it really been *counts on fingers* four months since my last journal? My laziness and apathy continue to astound me. Anyhow, the wedding went down about as smooth as crunchy peanut butter. Pretty much everything I wanted to do, from the decorations, to the cake, to the photos, to the drinking, didn't happen at all. But it is very, very over and for that I am extremely grateful. I never want to go through another wedding ever again. They suck major butt and I'm just not into that sort of thing. I still haven't legally changed my name; my driver's license expires on my birthday, so I'm just waiting to do it all at once.

        Hmmmmm.... I talk about my family here a lot, so some news on that front is that in early December, I got to meet my older brother, John - whom I only learned about last March(?) - for the first time ever. I drove from Dallas to College Station where my sister lives, and then we rode together to Austin where we all went out for tacos and alcohol. The host gave me a fist bump after seeing my Kame House shirt from across the restaurant, and after three Long Islands, I decided that for Father's Day this year, my secondary genetic progenitor will receive a spring-loaded glitter bomb full of the micro-sized glitter usually found on strippers and confetti shaped like penises if I can manage it. I only recently found his address. He lives in a bad part of Florida with my two younger brothers. At least, I hope they're still with him. They've all been missing since early 2009 and I've been very worried about their welfare. I've been wanting to try and contact them on the down-low since I found them, but I'm worried that guy that helped make us will disappear with them again. Matthew turns 17 this year, so he's eligible for emancipation, but Christian is not. Age of majority is 18, so it's not like they can legally just leave. I don''t know if either of them will even want to. :sigh:

        Christmas was the single, genuinely best time I have ever had with my family in my entire life. The whole family was under the same roof for about three days. That's sixteen people, I think. Grandparents, two aunts and uncles, four cousins, mom, sister, me, husband. Fourteen. Plus three dogs. There was no arguing. NO passive-aggressiveness. Everyone had a genuinely good time. I loved it so much. I got great pics and great gifts. Gave a bunch of good ones, too. There was roast beef and mashed potatoes like the clouds of the heavens. I got actual sleep and no one made dumb comments like "It lives" when I left my room at 8:30 instead of dawn. I got to talk to both of my bestest friends first thing in the morning, including the one who never responds to any attempt to contact her! :dummy:

        Only four days later, I had my very first day at my dream job, which I've been trying to get for six years. For the past 66 days, I've been a Counter at Amazon Fulfillment center DFW7 and I love it. I've been in the workforce since I was 16. That's 12 years and *counts on fingers again* 12 jobs. I've only been there 9 and a half weeks, and already I've been taken seriously when I ask a question or make a suggestion more times than at all my other jobs combined. I've seen more suggestions turn into actual practices or changes than all those jobs combined. After only four days on the job, I was moved to a more complex count. Just yesterday, I was placed into a group that you only qualify for if you have a less than 1% error rate, so I've also received more recognition in 66 days than I have in the past 12 years. Not only that, but I can wear whatever I want to, my closest coworker is 20 feet away, I only have human contact maybe four times a shift, nobody bothers me, and I get to see so much cool stuff since it's a warehouse! I keep a journal to write down stuff that I want. About half of it is books. Sometimes it sucks because I get tired or bored or I'm PMSing which makes me cry at the lunch table while being horny, but since the job comes with Day One Benefits that include full health coverage, dental insurance, vision insurance, a 401K, and stock, I got to go back to the doctor for the first time since I left GameStop and I got three new prescriptions for no charge!

        I used to be on an antidepressant that is also used to treat ADD, but it wasn't working well, so we switched me to separate meds that treat them individually. They work marvelously and are the only reason I still have a job. I also got a refill of Ambien for when I absolutely have to sleep. Since I started on them, I've been waaaaaay more focused and organized and have been turning over new leaves every which way. The next step is to go to the dentist for the first time since I was 12. I'm betting I have at least one cavity.

        My car got some much needed maintenance to the tune of $800. There's more scheduled for April or May, but first, we move to yet another apartment! Here in about two weeks we're upgrading to another two bedroom in the same complex we're already in. There's been lots of packing going on, but not enough to be honest. We're more than a week behind and there are paper grocery sacks everywhere. We're using them instead of boxes because they're cheaper and easier to carry. There's a lot of cleaning to do, but I am so looking forward to having an office and a better place for my sister to stay the night when she's in town than my mom's.

        Our catling is in heat again and it is obnoxious as fuck. After our older cat, Malfoy, goes to see the dentist himself, Smol is getting spayed so she'll shut the hell up.

        I've decided to participate in one last NaNoWriMo. Camps are in April and July, with the final event in November. The fanfic I've been working on for more than a decade gets one last shot at completion. If I don't finish it this year, I probably never will and I'm going to abandon it. This will free up a slot in the Worrying About Long Term Projects part of my brain for something else like learning how to sew or paint.

        The Other Half and I have officially started on our five year plan, starting with building a budget to adhere to. Right now, we're saving all our receipts to track our expenses down to the last cent so we can figure out how much we can put aside each month for the house we want to build on the land we want to buy. The house itself is my largest current project. The whole floorplan is based around a kitchen layout I fell in actual love with at IKEA and it's providing a lot of design challenges. My newest obstacle is the laundry and mudroom. I really want to get my hands on some Legos and/or scale dollhouse furniture so I can manhandle everything instead of working with paper and pencil or a rendering program.

That's all I have for now! Hope you are all doing well!
TitanPad is shutting down and that sucks
It baffles me that people are constantly amazed by how similar blood-related family members look.

/has been sitting with family, watching them marvel at how two sisters look like they are related for about an hour


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